Venue Sourcing Expertise

We are one of the leading venue sourcing agencies globally. We spend in excess of £100 million annually allowing us to leverage considerable savings for you. On average we achieve cost saving of 30% by driving rate reduction and incorporating added value. Whilst budgets are always an important factor, we also focus on improving terms and conditions to mitigate risk and align with your company policies.

By acting as your partner, with a dedicated contact, and taking time to understand you and your objectives, we are able to source your ideal venue solution. Where spend is significant we operate with dedicated teams to understand your company culture and preferred ways of working to ensure your objectives are achieved company-wide.

We also meet with a large number of third party suppliers who provide various services to support your meeting or event. This could include external caterers, theming, team building or even a guest speaker. Want to see a TV personality at your next event? Have you thought about street vendors to provide catering? There are so many options we can provide.

We visit hundreds of venues every year to ensure their suitability for a variety of events - an internal employee meeting, a high profile client event or training and development. We are constantly updating our supplier database which includes not just property changes/ upgrades and the latest new venues but out-of-the-box ideas to enhance your guest event experience.

Whether you are looking for an unusual venue for an event or a preferred hotel programme for a series of meetings we can help. Our team of venue sourcing experts can find you the right solutions for your event in the right location and at the right price.


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