Strategic Meetings Management Programmes

Our substantial spend in the area of venue sourcing, combined with our mature supplier relationships, means we are one of the UK’s leading agencies delivering Strategic Meetings Management Programmes.

Our ability to provide intelligent programmes that afford better visibility, control and compliance as well as real engagement with multiple booker communities ensure we can help drive greater contract efficiencies.

We take time to understand your underlying procurement objectives and look to deliver venue sourcing solutions which meet the demand of your business.

This is modelled through detailed trend analysis and delivered on a regional or global basis ensuring that all regional commercial frameworks and supplier relations are consistently managed


We are able to provide:

  •          Intelligent programmes that provide better visibility, control and compliance
  •          Support for the underlying procurement objectives of the business
  •          Dedicated team that provides considerable return on investment throughout an organisation
  •          Experience in implementing programmes in both mature and less mature markets
  •          Trend analysis, cost modelling, booker engagement campaigns, policy compliance advice and template supplier relation agreements
  •          Robust MI and reporting capabilities
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