Delegate Management

We have a wealth of experience in delivering robust delegate management solutions that ensure your delegates are looked after from initial invitation to on-site management to post event discussion. We recognise that engaging with the audience in the right way is critical to setting the tone and mindset for meeting and achieving the overall event objectives.

Delegate satisfaction is a vital part of delivering a successful event but seamlessly organising event logistics is a time consuming job. We take away the worry. Ensuring your delegates get the information they need via

  • bespoke pre-event registration websites
  • dedicated multi-lingual registration teams
  • social media strategies
  • event apps
  • intelligent RFID badging
  • onsite communication

Our systems have the ability to accept multi-currency payment in a secure environment and we are extremely conscious of data protection and security of date.

All our events are supported by detailed contingency plans covering crisis management, risk management and health and safety protocol.

Furthermore, our bespoke real-time reporting can be tailored to your needs and accessible anytime, anywhere, helping you manage attendee participation at all times. 

With years of experience, we know how to make an event run smoothly, safely and professionally.


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