We support the community in which we work by supporting local suppliers where possible. Whenever we manage an event, we use local providers and support the local community both commercially and environmentally.

We are an active member of industry associations and support wide ranging charities both domestically and overseas. We are also supportive to staff who have personal charity or community commitments.


We believe in raising awareness of environmental issues and, following consultation with staff representatives, it is now policy for us to take all reasonable measures to promote sustainability. We are making continuous efforts to minimise the waste of power and resources, and to recycle where possible. We also concern ourselves with the environmental approach taken by our suppliers and encourage all those we work with to be proactive in this area.

Being a service provider, we are not a large consumer of power, nor do we generate large quantities of waste. However, we certainly take matters of protecting our environment seriously and will continue to look at ways in which we can contribute to the cause as well as being aware of any new legislation. We review our progress at regular intervals and listen to the consensus of opinions from our staff, our clients and society at large.

We have an internal environmental management system and an employee-led CSR committee – and our intranet gives daily tips for our staff.


We regard our suppliers as partners and work with them to help us achieve our policy aspirations in the delivery of our products and services.

We ask hotels and other suppliers to provide their environmental policy and share this information with our clients.


We provide our clients with a service hallmarked by integrity, quality and care. We offer consultancy to our clients to try to encourage them to plan events with a lower impact on the environment (carbon offsetting is always at the top of our agenda). We work with client initiatives such as Carbon Disclosure Project in order to measure our environmental impact.


We are committed to providing a working environment, which is both safe and fit for the intended purpose, and ensures that health and safety issues are both a priority for all business operations.


We respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and seek to be guided by its provisions in the conduct of our business. We are a signatory to the UN Global Compact


We are committed to ensuring that our business is conducted in all respects according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards.

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